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A bit About 321 Tutoring

Hello there, I’m Thais! Most days you can find me working in the space industry as a test engineer, but another part of my life is fueled by a passion for helping students see math in a new way. I have a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Central Florida, and a Master of Science in Space Systems from the Florida Institute of Technology.  

I’ve been tutoring since 2006, subjects ranging from elementary math through calculus and even standardized test prep (SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT). My approach to tutoring math is to treat each student as an individual. While classroom learning has its time and place, I believe my students benefit from Individualized Learning Sessions. This approach allows me to identify the student’s difficulties and strengths, and cater specifically to them. I also believe that math can be fun and doesn’t have to feel like such a chore. I like to include math puns in every session, as well as real-life examples of how the math can be applied. By keeping each session a little goofy with a lot of interaction, students find that their sessions fly by.


Math & Accounting tutor

Nathalia Takabatake

Math and Accounting Tutor

Nathalia has her undergrad from UF in Economics. Out of college, Nathalia joined Teach for America where she taught Algebra. She went on to open a charter school, where she worked as the Director of Operations. Nathalia’s passion for education and helping students develop into the best version of themselves is contagious.

Math & Physics Tutor

Ashley Scharfenberg

Middle, High School, and College Math and Physics Tutor

Ashley has worked as an engineer and tutored in math and physics for over 10 years. Undergrad in aerospace engineering from University of Alabama, Huntsville, and masters in Engineering Management from UCF. She currently works as an engineer in the space industry, and is passionate about connecting with students so they feel comfortable asking questions.

Liz Grimes

Calculus, Differential Equations, and Statistics Tutor

Undergrad and masters from UCF in math. Works as a statistical programmer, with hopes of becoming a football analytics professional. Liz has worked previously as a math teacher, has a knack for breaking math down into digestible pieces.

Jenny Schiller

Chemistry and Physics Tutor

Jenny has her undergrad in Environmental Engineering and works in the theme park industry. She is able to break down complex chemistry and physics concepts into understandable pieces.

321 Tutoring - Mary McGuire - lead Elementary tutor

Mary McGuire

Lead Elementary Tutor

Mary has her Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and English, and is certified to teach all subject areas in grades K-6 and she holds a certification in ESE grades K-12. Having both reading and ESOL endorsed is a great asset to the tutoring team.

Middle School Math & Science Tutor

Melissa McGuire

Middle School Math and Science

Melissa currently works as a high school teacher, but has also taught at the middle school level. Melissa has experience teaching a multitude of subjects and grades, from elementary reading and math, to middle school science, to high school math and language arts. She enjoys working individually with students and understanding their specific learning styles to help them succeed.

Elementary Math & Reading Tutor

Shermeka Scott

Elementary Reading and Math - Orton Gillingham Trained

Shermeka has been teaching third grade for 8 years, and has been awarded Teacher of the Year twice. She is currently a math & science coach for an elementary school over grades K-5 with having held this position for two years. Her educational philosophy is combining rigorous learning with exciting activities & academic tasks. Certified in Early Child Education (Infant - Grade 3), ESOL, & Reading Endorsed.

Jackie Martucci

Elementary Reading and Math

Jackie works exclusively with elementary students in both reading and math. She connects with students to help them feel comfortable asking questions.

Alex Pinkham

Chemistry and Biology Tutor

Alex is currently at Virginia Tech pursuing her bachelors in Microbiology. She will be starting grad school in the summer to pursue her PhD. Organic Chemistry Teaching Assistant. Alex also works in a chemistry lab as a research assistant, and is able to pull from her experience in a lab to make tutoring more exciting.

Cameron Kelley

Accounting Tutor

Cameron graduated from the University of Central Florida with his Bachelors and Masters in Accounting, where he was also a TA for several courses. He currently works as a CPA.

Community Based Initiatives

At 321 Tutoring we pride ourselves on being able to help. That is why we have quietly started a small community based initiative where we regularly schedule tutoring sessions for underprivileged kids at local salvation armies and homeless shelters. 

Knowledge deserves to be shared and all kids deserve equal opportunities to learn and grow to their full potential. 

If you would like to contribute to your local community with a similar initiative please contact us for more details and see how we can help.

Sponsor a Child

Sometimes in our group or community sessions, we may find a child who needs a little extra help and some more individualized learning. These kids do not always have the financial means to attend regular one-on-one sessions.

At 321 Tutoring we believe that every child deserves a chance to show the world what they can do!  

321 Tutoring is in the process of setting up a community based initiative where you, as an individual, or as a business will have the possibility of sponsoring a child’s learning. Contact us for details on the program.

Tax receipts will be provided to all sponsors who wish to participate.